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5 business you can start with 5000

Capital is the essential thing to consider in business. If you know what you are doing, you will create a business with the minimum amount of money.

Here are five businesses you can do with 5000 naira:

– content creator: with 5000 naira, all you need is a data bundle and a platform where you can start to ply your trade. You can use Fiverr, Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. You don’t need much, get a data bundle and start earning six figures.

– snail farming: you need a bowl and go into forest or better still, pay kids to find snails for you. Put them in the bowls and start to rear them. They don’t need much food than leaves.

– plantain business: if you buy plantain from the local women in the village, it will be cheaper and you can find a mall where you can rebrand it and put the plantain there.

– chin chin business: find a school where you have little children, fry chin chin and start a business.

– puff puff business: that’s another lucrative business that doesn’t require a lot of money.

These five businesses can help you stay employed while waiting for a whi te collar job.

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